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Secrets to Growing a Business Part 3 – Getting Clarity

In the previous blogs on Secrets To Growing a Business; in Part 1, I discussed the importance of having a business plan, which identifies where you are now and why you do what you do. In Part 2 I discussed the importance of valuing what you have to offer so you can explain it to customers and make a case for charging accordingly.

Both these posts will help you to grow a business by beginning to give you clarity of purpose.

Clarity of purpose, (what we are doing and why we are doing it) is best achieved when we have clarity of mind.

Clarity of purpose is an ongoing process that all savvy business people will undertake on a regular basis and is the difference between “working in the business” - doing the day to day work, and “working on the business” clarity of purpose is where you get to stop, step back, assess and review the facts, explore options and choices and make decisions.

Clarity of purpose requires a commitment and decision to set aside time to review and reflect. A lot of business owners are infected with the busy-ness disease and are too busy being busy to make this smart commitment. Clarity of purpose will help you to see:

  • Where you are now - not where you think you might be.

  • Why you are doing what you are doing – so you don’t get distracted or deviate.

  • What you really want – and why this is important.

  • How you will achieve this – reviewing all the choices and decisions so you can look at what’s possible, turn it into probable so it becomes actual and real.

  • Who is responsible for what – assigning tasks to the right people and ensuring they are accountable and responsible.

  • When action steps are to be taken – gathering back feedback or KPI (key performance indicators) so you can assess if and what adjustments need to be made.

The business world is full of busy fools who are unwilling to invest the time to get clarity. Clarity of purpose, plans and procedures will help the smart business owner or entrepreneur to grow and develop their business and is a common trait amongst successful people.

If you ask anyone who had a breakthrough moment, came up with an insight or suddenly saw the way ahead or a solution to a problem it invariably happened when they were in a moment of quiet deep reflection.

Clarity of purpose is the result of having a calm mind, be willing to take the time to slow down your thinking and reflect and it will be one of the best investments you will ever make with a clarity of mind you will be able to separate emotional fictions from facts and see opportunities and possibilities.

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