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Listen to Samples 

Listen to samples of the how2easily series of hypnotic recordings before purchasing. Each recording is designed for listening when you can comfortably relax and be undisturbed. Only listen in a safe environment - headphones are recommended for maximum effect due to their hypnotic nature.


Purchases are made with the strict understanding that these recordings are not replacements for traditional medical care and are for educational purposes only. No guarantees of specific outcomes are offered. If unsure, do not purchase.


There is a strict no-refund policy on digital recordings. By purchasing, you agree that you have listened to samples, will use them responsibly in a safe environment, and understand these are not medical treatments.

Just Do It sample
Relax Deeply sample
Manifest Abundance sample
Cultivate an attitude of gratitude sample
Weight Loss Gastric Band sample
Stop Smoking sample
Heal sample
Sleep sample
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