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Stop Smoking - Stop Smoking and Live Smoking Free


Ready to finally kick the habit for good?


This game-changing stop-smoking program from master hypnotist Steve Crabb can help you break free from cigarettes.


This is a 3 part recording:

  • Part 1 - is a coaching session to get you in the right mindset to change.
  • Part 2 - is a hypnosis session to get you to the point of threshold so you make a decision to change.
  • Part 3 - is a follow-up hypnosis session that can be listened to multiple times after listening to parts 1 and 2.


Featuring an in-depth coaching session to prepare your mind, followed by a powerfully hypnotic process, this audio pairs professional guidance with your innate ability to create change. Listen to with headphones.


This program is based on Living Smoke Free workshops and individual sessions with hundreds of clients. It requires a one-hour sitting to prepare your mind with the coaching session and a follow up hypnotherapy session to make powerful behavioural changes.


Listen as Steve walks you through mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns around smoking. Then, be guided into a deeply relaxed state where powerful suggestions dissolve subconscious addiction and reframe your identity as a non-smoker.


With consistent use, you'll uncover root causes and retrain your mind to exist free from cravings. Feel motivated, empowered, and confident in your ability to quit. Make this life-changing audio from HOW2EASILY the start of your journey toward freedom from smoking.


The power to stop is already within you – it just needs to be unlocked.


Invest in yourself and your health, and begin living smoke-free today. You can do this.

how2easily - Stop Smoking - Hypnotic download

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  • Licensing and usage rights

    This hypnotic recording from the HOW2EASILY series is available for individual download and personal use only under the following conditions:

    1. This recording may only be purchased and downloaded by a single user. Shared access or download is prohibited. 
    2. The buyer may not distribute, share, resell, or otherwise make this recording available to others.
    3. This recording is for personal, non-commercial use only and may not be used professionally or commercially without separate licensing.
    4. Copying, duplication, or reproduction of this recording in any form is strictly prohibited.
    5. This recording may not be modified, altered, adapted or incorporated into other materials.
    6. Use of this recording is limited to the individual who purchased the download. It may not be transferred to or used by multiple persons.
    7. Licensor retains full copyright ownership and reserves all rights not expressly granted.
    8. Use of this recording constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    9. Any unauthorized sharing, distribution, or commercial use is strictly prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement enforceable by law.
    10. Products are purchased, used and are covered by the terms and condiitons of Steve Crabb.

    For any other uses, please contact the licensor.

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